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crack repairStarting a business isn't easy.  There's product education, application and process, employee hiring and training, HR, marketing, logistics... it can be scary.  Garage and Floor Coating start-up businesses are no different.  With Floor Shield, you have a partner to help you every step of the way.

Ultimately, the quality of your floor coating product and your ability to successfully install it will drive your success.  Identifying the right tools and equipment to do the job right is key to your success.  Floor Shield is here to walk you through that process.  With Floor Shield, you will receive a comprehensive Equipment and Supplies Guide with your complete product and floor coating application training.

Floor Shield will guide you to the right coating system equipment and machines including:

  • Power Tools
  • General Tools
  • Application Tools
  • Mixing Tools
  • Repair Tools and Supplies
  • Cleaning & Prep Tools
  • Site Tools, Supplies and Safety Equipment

Commercial Grade Grinders

Buying a cheap or used grinder will certain slow down your application specialists and can cause installation failure.  floor coating grinders machinesFloor Shield has identified the right grinders to help you work within the many different garage setups.  The final polish of the floor is one that will affect it's durability and appearance, and floor coating applicators want that to be perfect.  There are many different residential and commercial applications, and it's important that the grinders you choose are able to handle the market applications and lead you to success.

Edge Grinder

Proper Edge Grinders lead to an optimal, uniform and smooth service throughout.  The piece of equipment, when chosen properly, can really help speed up the installation process and reduce amount of slower handwork required the get the best final garage and floor coating finish.

Dust Collectors

Everything can go perfectly for a floor coating project, but if you've chosen a poor dust collector, the owner or facilities manager is surely to be unhappy after you're done.  With the many different applications and substrates you will be working on, Floor Shield will help you identify the best dust collectors for your new company.  Proper job site cleanup leads to happy customers and future success.

Mixing Tools

Improperly mixed product will certainly lead to poor applications and projects.  The right mixers will ensure rapid and even mixing, long service life and job productivity and profitability.

General Tools:  The Right Tools Bring Results

power coating equipment roller

Straight edges, chalk lines, trowels, brushes, rollers, and other application tools, when properly chosen, directly lead to faster application times and final product success.

Choosing the wrong garage and floor coating equipment and supplies can:

  • Slow down your workers
  • Ruin job profitability
  • Cause faulty applications
  • Affect customer satisfaction and employee retention

Floor Shield brings over 10 years of application experience to your very first application and help you succeed!

Floor Shield helps your run and grow a concrete floor coating business every step of the way!

Call us today or fill out the dealer inquiry form to get started on your new floor coating business!

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