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Floor Shield is looking for talented and motivated business professionals who want to make significant income from a great product offering with little upfront investment. 

The Residential and Commercial concrete floor business is booming (over $1B annually in the U.S.), and Floor Shield offers you a State of the Art 100% Polyaspartic Coating System to outsell the market.

Get Your Business Started with:

  • Proven Superior Product Performance vs Epoxies and Polurea/Polyaspartic Blends
  • Full Sales, Marketing, and Installation Training
  • No Franchise Fees
  • Protected Territories

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initial investment

Floor Shield can help you build a million dollar business with as little as $50,000 year one investment.

initial investment for floor shield coatings business

  • Growing Industry

  • No Franchise Fees

  • Protected Territories

  • Great Profit Margins

  • Great Product

  • Training

Floor Shield Opportunity

Growing, Diverse Industry, Low Start-Up Costs & No Franchise Fees

The Residential and Commercial concrete floor business is booming (over $1B annually in the U.S.) and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% through 2027 (Source: Global Market Insights).

In addition, it is currently serviced by contractors offering outdated and inferior epoxy or epoxy blend coating systems.

  • Floor Shield is a 100% Polyaspartic System that dries quickly and can be used both indoors and out
  • Installation is easy and you don’t have to be a concrete or floor coating expert to start.
  • Inexpensive marketing for lead generation
  • Multiple applications exist expanding the market even further:
    • Garage Floors
    • Basements
    • Pool Decks
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Driveways…
  • Low working capital requirements both at start-up and ongoing

When starting a new business, It’s important to have the support and brand to back you, but who wants the franchise expense and perpetual franchise fees to erode your business?  There are no franchise fees with Floor Shield! 

You become an Approved Dealer, with a Protected Territory to grow.  Contact Floor Shield today to find out if your territory is available at 888-744-6612.

Floor Shield Product

State of the Art, 100% Polyaspartic Coating System

The brand is based on the best technology in the industry.  Floor Shield Coatings are more durable than epoxy because it won’t chip, scratch or scuff like epoxy. It’s 4x more durable than traditional epoxy products.

You will be able to offer many advantages over Epoxy Floors including:

  • 4-5 hour return to service time (vs 1-2 days)
  • UV stable coating that resists fading
  • 4-5x stronger than epoxies
  • No outside low temperature limits. Epoxies cannot be installed in under 40° temps limiting install season.

With Floor Shield, your offering will include 4 different coating systems, Flake, Quartz, Solid Color, or Clear. Check out the additional benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings.

Floor Shield 3 coat color flake system

Floor Shield Training

Free Sales, Marketing, and Installation Training

Floor Shield dealers get Product, Process, and Business Training to help you on your way to success.  New dealers come to our training center in FL for comprehensive classroom and actual job site install training, not just practice installation training.  We train you on:

  • Floor Shield Product Knowledge
  • Competitor Products
  • Effective Sales Practices Including Lead Setting and In-Home Presentation Training
  • Optimal Pricing Approach to Maximize Profits Yet Generate Sales
  • Cost Effective Marketing Tools to Generate Leads
    • Social Media
    • SEO/SEM
    • Print
    • Customizable Brochures and Sell Sheets
  • Detailed Installation Instructions for Perfect Installs
  • Recommended coating equipment, tooling, machines and supplies
  • Opportunity, Product, and Training

After formal training, our customer service team provides ongoing dealer support in all areas to get you profitable quickly.

2021 Jan Dealer Training Session

Garage Floor Coating Business & More!

Beyond Garage Floors, You'll Have Concrete Floor Coating Potential Everywhere You Look!

When most people think concrete coating business potential, they think Garage Floor Coatings.  A garage floor coating makeover is the pride and joy of a homeowner after it's finished.  It gives a new, fresh look to part of a home that is normally an eyesore.  But with Floor Shield, you'll have an endless potential list of prospective projects outside of garage floors, including:

  • Patios & Walkways
  • Basement Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Commercial Concrete & Showroom Floors
  • Industrial & Shop Floor Concrete Applications

Business Owners are motivated to display an attractive, safe floor to their customers and employees and Floor Shield has the solution for them.

When it comes to Garages, with Floor Shield's Polyaspartic Coating, you'll have a product in your arsenal that will outperform all Epoxy Coatings on the market. 

garage floor polyaspartic coating
  • Product Support

    Floor Shield has a team of experienced technical product and chemical experience to ensure quality in the product. The product and process is rooted in the best technology in the industry. 

    floor coating appication equipment

  • Marketing Support

    Work with the Floor Shield Marketing program to generate leads for your business.

    successful floor coating business items

  • Product and Process Training

    Floor Shield is with you every step of the way.  With product, process, and business training to help you launch a successful floor coating business. 


  • Growing Industry

  • No Franchise Fees

  • Protected Territories

  • Great Profit Margins

  • Great Product

  • Training

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“The Floor Shield onboarding experience has been terrific.  Their sales, marketing, and installation training including the classroom/field session in FL as well as the video-based online installer tutorials made our start-up risk free.  They continue to provide us assistance as now move into our growth phase.  Would highly recommend becoming a Floor Shield dealer.”
- Greg, Owner of Floor Shield of Tallahassee