How to Grow a Concrete Coating Business

Thinking About Starting a Concrete Coating Business?

Learn Why the Concrete Coating Business is a Good Option.

You have 3 Options in Starting a Concrete Coating Business:

  1. Go Completely On Your Own
  2. Start a Dealership
  3. Start a Franchise

Jerold discusses these 3 options in this short video.

Creating an Effective Business Plan for Your New Company

You can have the best product and application process in the world, but that means nothing without an effective marketing plan.

Understanding how to market your product and produce leads is central to your success.

A Successful Sales Process to Jump Start Your Company

Every successful sales process has a framework it follows.

Engaging the right process and providing the right tools and information to the sales team and the client is critical to your business growth.

Caring For Your One of Your Most Important Assets... Leads!

Taking Care of Your Leads..

  • Proper CRM to Build in Sales Automation
  • Utilizing Software to Care for Those Leads Long-Term

A Critical Step to Caring for those Leads and Concrete and Garage Floor Coatings is no different.

Teamwork is Key to Successful Concrete Coating Applications

Teamwork is the most important element in installing concrete coating floors.

Polyaspartic Floors dry quickly, so everyone needs to be in concert for the project to go well. Mistakes and failed applications cause repairs and eat profits.

How to Deal with Adversity

While we'd all like to think there are no daily obstacles we can't overcome, having the knowledge and support provided from Dealer Support is extremely valuable. Learning from a Dealer Network can shave off many months of trial and error experience and give you problem solving techniques to tackle the many different field issues you may encounter.

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