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Our outdoor flooring options beautify and protect most any of your outdoor areas of the home.

Protect, beautify, and enhance all of your outdoor surfaces with Floor Shield coatings. Ideal for a multitude of outdoor settings.

  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Walkways
  • Porches

Polyaspartic flooring is popular for garages, but it’s well suited to a variety of areas in and around your home. In fact, it’s ideal for patios, porches, pool decks, walkways, and workshops.

Did you know that polyaspartic floor coatings are UV stable, which means that they will never turn yellow with exposure to sunlight? In addition, these coatings don’t develop white spots from exposure to moisture in the concrete.

If you are looking for a tough, durable flooring option, then polyaspartic is a great choice. This material can be applied at nearly any temperature, bonds easily to nearly any concrete surface, is flexible enough to bridge small cracks, and can withstand high temperatures when cured.

front porch concrete coating

Floor Shield Coatings are installed fast and they will look great too!

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Benefits of a Polyaspartic Coating

  • Resists fading and yellowing due to age or exposure to sunlight or UV lighting.

  • Up to 4 times more durable than epoxy flooring.

  • Virtually maintenance free! Sweep or wet mop for a like-new finish.

  • Seamless flooring with a tough, hard, pore-free finish that seals the surface.

  • As little as 5-6 hour application and walk-on return to service.

  • All season application in 0° - 100° F temperatures.

  • Manufactured with polyaspartic resin technology, a two-component coating system.



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Base Coat

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Flake Disbursement

front walkway path done with floor shield coating


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Floor Shield durable floor coatings have a proven track record of success.

10+ Years Experience and Thousands of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Installations.

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