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When it comes to showrooms, flooring is as much on display as the products you are showcasing. That’s why it’s important to choose the right flooring for your showroom. The decorative options, durability, and low maintenance cost of Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings are ideal for your showroom floor.

Floors protected with Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings can withstand heavy foot traffic, cart traffic, food spills, and even damage from mild acids. And your Floor Shield polyaspartic floor will keep its like-new look for years, resisting fading, yellowing, scratching, chipping, or bubbling!

Floors protected with Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings can save thousands of dollars each and every year in reduced maintenance programs. There is absolutely no need to wax, buff, polish, or burnish the floor, and no grout to clean, repair, or replace. This means that your maintenance staff won't have to work nights, weekends, and summers just to keep your facilities' floors looking good... and your facilities will use less energy as a result. All that's required is a periodic dry sweep and wet mop as needed. That's it!

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4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Resistant to

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Resists Fading

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State of the Art 100% Polyaspartic Coating System.

Superior Adhesion, Quick Drying

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